626 River Oaks Drive Avenue in Calumet City, IL had been in distress for some time after a pharmacy tenant vacated the property years earlier. In order to attract another tenant, the empty building needed major repairs and upgrades. Despite the maintenance needs and lower-income area, the building’s corner location and heavy traffic were favorable factors to consider for a redevelopment. The feasibility for such a project depended on the property owners’ price.


Brookline and ownership agreed to terms and closed quickly. Maintenance projects began immediately as a marketing strategy was formulated to find an occupant. The city was motivated to turn around a very visible building that had become an eyesore in the community. Accordingly, they became a valuable partner throughout the redevelopment process.

National retailers in the car parts, small grocery, pharmaceutical, and dollar store business types were targeted in marketing campaigns to occupy the 12,227 square-foot property.


After quick, effective execution of on-site projects and marketing efforts, and with the help of the municipality, Brookline was able deliver the full interior and exterior redevelopment of the Chicago area’s newest Dollar General location. The ten-year deal was signed within weeks of the purchase, and Dollar General is presently open for business. We are proud to have joined the talented and hard-working people in Calumet City to revitalize a significant corner location in the community.