Is it Nashville Hot in here, or is it me?

Brookline is proud to announce the second opening of Nashville Hot Chicken restaurant Fry the Coop at a prime retail center in Chicago’s West Suburb of Elmhurst. Situated on the corner of North Avenue and Route 83, the center enjoys a traffic count of over 110,000 vehicles per day, one of the busiest intersections in Illinois. Brookline facilitated Fry the Coop’s first location in Oak Lawn in 2017.

Fry the Coop is the creation of local food and people enthusiast Joe Fontana. As one of the very first Nashville Hot Chicken locations in the entire Chicago area, Fry the Coop gained immediate traction.Fry the Coop has since been featured on ABC’s Windy City Live and Hungry Hound, WGN’s Lunch Break, Fox’s Good Day Chicago, WGN Radio’s Bill & Wendy Show, and in the Chicago Tribune and Eater Chicago. The abundance of media coverage catapulted business from strong local core to lines out the door. They were selling like – you guessed it – Nashville Hot cakes.

The straightforward menu features sandwiches, tenders, chicken & waffles, sides, beer and doughnuts (which you may opt to enjoy your chicken sandwich on) with heat levels for the chicken ranging from Mild to Crazy. Printed on the menu next to the Crazy option reads “Call 911.”

A third location is forthcoming. Check out Fry the Coop and their menu. Read about Brookline Tenant Representation and how we can find you the perfect place where your business will thrive. We’re serving up free consultations.